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Random stuff that I -mostly- drew, took snapshots, or whatever. Feel free to give a crap about em.
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United States
This is (formerly) SmashLuigi25 of YouTube. The Mister Guy who always seems to hide a Luigi in whatever he makes, that info is me in a nutshell.

:star: Nintendo Network ID [NNID]: RiuAuraeon
:star: 3DS Friend Code: 4296 - 3444 - 5420 (Mii / Name: Riu)

- Youtube Channels: SmashLuigi25, Riu Auraeon
- Steam Account:
- Tumblr Account:

Auraeon Sprite V2 by RiuAuraeon This is Auraeon; A Fakemon I created during my early years on the Internet.

About Auraeon:
* Pronounce - (or-ah-E-on)
* Category - Spirit Pokemon
* Type - Fight
* Height - 2'11"
* Weight - 54.0 lbs
* Form #1 - Masked/Steel Form: Has spikes on its front paws, and wears a mask like Riolu & Lucario.
* Form #2 - Unmasked/Normal Form: Looks more like Eevee. Spikeless paws. Its common appearance.
* Evolves From - Eevee with (#1)high friendship, level up with a pokemon that knows Aura Sphere in your party. (#2)Use a stone that gives off a familiar aura.
* Description - Usually alone, It likes to live peacefully. It uses fighting styles similar to its partners to show its bond with them.
* Nickname - Male - "Riu"/Female - "Aury".
*Ability - Tense Spirit(Fan-Made): Auraeon's Attack & Speed stats rise when it or its allies recieve damage in a turn.

Stats: Nornal Form
Attack - ****
Defense - ***
Speed - ****
Sp. Atk - ***
Sp. Def - **

Stats: Steel Form
Attack -***
Defense -***
Speed -***
Sp. Atk -****
Sp. Def -****

- Moves: Tackle, Growl, Tail Whip, Helping Hand, Quick Attack, Double Kick, Sand Attack, Last Resort, Calm Mind, Aura Sphere, Iron Tail, Counter

- TM/HM,etc. Moves: Cut, Rock Smash, Strength, Double Team, Bulk Up, Work Up, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse, Headbutt, Natural Gift, Dig, Fling, Attract, Swagger, Taunt, Protect, Torment, Roar, Secret Power, Hidden Power, Hyper Beam [Moves it can learn]

Fan Made Move(s):
- Metal Brace: Allows the user to become a Steel Type while boosting its Defense and Special Defense. If it is already a Steel type, one its Defenses sharply raises. [Auraeon will stay in Steel Form until it is hit with a Super Effective move or lose a Hold Item that keeps it that way.]

- Psych Aura: (Psychic/Physical) The user fakes out it's foe with its aura energy and lands a sucker punch. It won't miss.

What Eevee Evolution Are You?
What Eevee Evolution Are You?
Hosted By Anime

What Pokemon Starter Are You?
What Pokemon Starter Are You?
Hosted By Anime

Luigi.mp4 by RiuAuraeon:iconauraeonlaplz::iconespeonroflcopterplz::iconnsafplz::iconmehguhmaynplz::iconsandmenplz::iconcarrotcakecabbageplz::iconpervysylveonplz::iconkrillinownedcountplz::iconkrillinownedplus1plz:
Happy New Year 2012 by RiuAuraeonAuraeon Stamp by RiuAuraeonAuraeon Stamp 2 by RiuAuraeonMienshao stamp by FENNEKlNS359 - Absol by PokeStampsDexQuilava 2 by Cathines-StampsJolteonPlush Stamp by EeveePlzAce Ventura Stamp by acww-freak08Bonk Stamp by francoslavic-banterFrying Pan Stamp by RiuAuraeonTetris Stamp by cirruswolfSonic 3D Blast Stamp by StampPKUSonic Shuffle Dance Stamp by Fuzon-SAgumon n Gomamon Singing Stamp by Stamp221Sonic Stamp 2 by JetProwerTheFoxThe 'spongebob chinese face' by xcolourmeprettyWho put YOU on the planet? by Hail-the-WhaleI support DEUEAUGH :Stamp: by KooboriSapphireStamp - Spongebob 1 by YukiMizunoNigga Stole My Stamp by queenmariChecking Messages Stamp by Drake1SSBB: Lucario by MikubaStampWario Stamp by yukidarkfanRelease The Bogus stamp by darkgexWho You Callin' Pinhead by Wynau-ru:thumb275199898::thumb276861059::thumb276430947::thumb275033072:Skyward Sword: Link and Groose stamp by TiuanaRuiStamp - Johnny Bravo by rthr-x:thumb278594171:
Iwata and Non-Specific Action Figure Approve Stamp by Bowser81889Kick Your Ass by ElJosueLight


Sooo, Smash's Miverse Stage... by RiuAuraeon
Sooo, Smash's Miverse Stage...
"......Who's ben drawin' diks?" - Joel (Vinesauce)

Okay okay, seriously. There wasn't such things when I messed around in Smash......yet. I took a curious look before I made a supporting post, myself. Half were actually very cool drawings of the aura 'mon while the rest were either insults or a crack about furries. Yeeeeah... Lucario is that popular there, but I digress. There's good and there's I thought the general trait. No matter what, Lucario will keep getting stronger until he's officially a goner. Then this happened.

Incidentally... This is literally the first time I drew a Lucario… That's right...

I've been a fraud this whole time!! The Auraeon was a lie!! Don't look at me, I'm hideous!! ;A; *runs away, crying*
Ack, one of the few times I wanna go somewhere, just for my car to go full retard... IIIIIIIIIII will be a while before I Hadouken somebody in Smash. =u=;;;
[Update, 6-13-2015]
Japan had dun goofed. Ryu and Roy (Fire Emblem's Roy) have been confirmed early, before tomorrow's E3 announcement.

Second... I have been a total butt with this project...Ugh. I'm not even going to bother with my reasons, so get your Frying Pans ready. All that I'm going to say is that I never forgot about it.


*Character Status*
- :star: Full Star: It's Finished! :la:
- :star-half: Half Star: Outline's done. :aww:
- :star-empty: Empty Star: Sketch is done. :dummy:
- No Star: Haven't begun on the character yet. :grump:

- Extra Spots are available for the opposite gender variant of the fighters. If a spot was already taken, then that person will have the gender based on the character(s) requested.

- I'll try to make the rest of the Fighters look as good as the Mega Man request. Yeah, I'll add a background and some sort of detail cause I'm apes#!% crazy like that. .-.;;;;;

- I may hide a Luigi in the finished versions. Keep an eye out for one ~

- Links of the outline or finished art will be added here.


- If you want a spot, comment on this journal only, nowhere else on my DA page.
- You can request up to four (4) fighters maximum.
- Depending on who the character requested is, I'll try to manage.
- Alternate colors / outfits are okay. If, for example, ya want Classic Wario instead of Biker Wario, then sure. However, the colors must be from the games...
- Poses, moves, and Final Smashes are okay, long as I can handle it. If I'm not asked for a certain pose or if I can't draw the one requested, then I'll think of one and try my best.
- Be sure to add a link to your character(s) as a reference or give a description of them. (it makes things easier for me.
- I encourage you to make any specific description(s) after I confirm your spot. Long as it exists within the series, I'll attempt to do so. But if ya don't say anything before I begin, I'll just go with the default color and wing it.

:star: Smash 64
Mario - :icontickertocker123:
Donkey Kong - :iconcatothecat:
Link - :iconthewarnerbro127:
Samus - [Open]
Yoshi - :iconpiplup40:
Kirby - :icontails230: [Outline Complete] :star-half:
Fox - :icontenmarko:
Pikachu - [Open]
Luigi - :icontenmarko: [Outline Complete] :star-half:
Captain Falcon - :icondeoxys9368:
Ness - :iconeeveeboy06: [Outline Complete] :star-half:
Jigglypuff - :iconpokemanaphy:

:star: Melee
Peach - :icongothchick7:
Zelda - :iconreturnofsth36:
Shiek - [Open]
Bowser - :iconangryswadloon:
Ice Climbers - :iconlucusman:
Ganondorf - [Open]
Falco - :iconzarelthewinddragon:
Marth - :iconzolunerro: [Working]
Roy - :iconeeveeboy06:
Dr. Mario - :icontails230: [Working]
Young Link - :iconmolly2173:
Pichu - [Open]
Mewtwo - :iconmessatsugoufox:
Mr. Game & Watch - :iconchaoticfluffball: [Working]

:star: Brawl
Meta Knight - :iconpokemanaphy:
Pit - :iconcaptainveemon:
Zero Suit Samus - :iconeeveeboy06:
Wario - :iconciezure:
Snake - :iconcaptainveemon:
Lucas - :iconlucusman:
Ike - :iconzolunerro: [Working]
Olimar - :iconlucusman:
Sonic - :icondrewtheredpoochyena: [Working]
Diddy Kong - :icontherabbitwhohovers:
King Dedede - :iconeeveeboy06:
Pokemon Trainer - :iconmegaespeon:
Squirtle - [Open]
Ivysaur - [Open]
Charizard - :iconcj-the-pikachu:
Lucario - :iconmessatsugoufox:
Toon Link - :iconthewarnerbro127: [Working] :star-empty:
Wolf - :iconarc1996:
R.O.B. - :iconmegaespeon:

:star: Smash 4
Villager (Male) - :iconlucusman:
Villager (Female) - [Open]
Mega Man - :iconcheshipoochi: [Complete] :star:
Wii Fit Trainer (Female) - :iconbubblesishot46853: [Working]
Wii Fit Trainer (Male) - [Open]
Little Mac - :iconkittykat568:
Rosalina & Luma - :iconmewtwo27mew:
Greninja - :iconpiplup40:
Mii Fighter (Brawler) - [Open]
Mii Fighter (Swordmaster) - :iconbubblesishot46853:
Mii Fighter (Gunner) - :iconvivi-sinclair:
Palutena - :iconmewtwo27mew:
Pac-Man - [Open]
Lucina - :iconzolunerro:
Robin (Male) - :iconmegaespeon: [Working]
Robin (Female) - :iconbloodysilverkitsune: [Working]
Bowser Jr. - :iconmegaespeon:
Iggy - :icontherabbitwhohovers:
Morton - [Open]
Lemmy - [Open]
Ludwig - [Open]
Roy K. - [Open]
Wendy - :iconmewtwo27mew:
Larry - [Open]
Shulk - :iconcheshipoochi:
Alph - :iconbubblesishot46853:
Dark Pit - :iconsucater:
Duck Hunt - :iconbubblesishot46853:
Ryu -
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5 Years Auraeon [1 / ?] by RiuAuraeon
5 Years Auraeon [1 / ?]
Auraeon's 5th Anniversary - Part 1 / ?

Okay, I intended to do something else for my fakemon, buuuuut due to my usual crap, I couldn't do it in time. SOOOOO I'll go at it individually within this period - between now and July 10. I had to post something before this day ended, so here's one. *shot*

What is that? Izzit a ghost? This pretty much nails "The Spirit" within its title. There ain't much to say about it, I guess... It is DED......or is it?
Got-a tagged by :icontenmarko:. RKO OUTTA NOWHERE!!!

Auright, let's do this.

Which Pokemon is your favorite...

Bug - ............Crap! Give me a moment, uhhh...... Scyther, I guess. :T
Dragon - Reshiram
Dark - Absol
Electric - Luxio, Jolteon
Fairy - Sylveon
Fighting - Blaziken, Lucario, Mienshao
Fire - Quilava
Flying - Noibat / Noivern
Ghost - Golurk
Grass - Virizion
Ground - Swinub, Sandshrew
Ice - Regice
Normal - Lillipup. (I tried extremely hard to NOT say Eevee.)
Poison - Nidoran [Both genders]
Psychic - Luigi
Rock - Amaura / Aurorus
Steel - Mawile
Water - Buizel / Floatzel

Which Pokemon do you think is...

...the cutest? - Vulpix, Cyndaquil, Joltik, Yip Yaps, Fenny, Skiddly Diddily, Amaura, *goes on forever*
...the coolest? - Mega Absol. Wait... Do Megas count? TOO LATE!!
...the prettiest / most beautiful? - Uuuuuuuhhh....... Shaymin, Land Forme.
...the ugliest / fugliest? - Binacle. It was SO ugly that everyone died. *Pan'd*
...the most badass? - Weavile
...the most awesome / best? (Please pick only one) - Lucario. You saw this coming.
...the lamest / worst? (Please pick only one) - Magikarp... Eh. *shrugs*
...the grooviest? (make of this what you will) - Ludicolo. That...freakin' :U
...the most awkward? - Either Spinda or Espurr (initially, at least)
...the most underrated? - Uhhh... Nosepass? Look at it! It looks like Squidward's House!
...the most overrated? - Pikachu, Mewtwo, Blaziken, Gardevoir, Lopunny, Lucario, Zoroark, Braixen... *goes on* (I still like them, just...pffft.) =u=;;
...the craziest? - Darmanitan, maybe? :Y
...the scariest? - I would say Yveltal, but there are fates worse than death. I dunno. *has a brain fart*

Which Pokemon do you think would... the most useful if it were real? - Audino. the least useful if it were real? - Slowpoke? *derp* the most terrifying if it were real? - Rayquaza? It would tell astronauts to f**k off. =u=;; the most hilarious if it were real? - Goodra. HUGS FOR EVERYONE!!!
...make the world better if it were real? - Suicune, Leafeon, and maybe Zygarde
...make the world worse if it were real? - Many (but not all) Poison Types. Captain Planet wouldn't approve. *shot*
...enslave the human race if it were real? - Giratina, I think?

If Pokemon were real, what would your team look like? (Please refrain from making a team of legendaries)

1: Lucario
2: Absol
3: Luxio
4: Quilava
5: Staraptor
6: Vaporeon

[Believe me, limiting it to 6 is very hard to do.]

I now tag...... NOBODY!! Now you scamps run along and play in the mud. ~
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